As we wander through the trails at Scotsdale Farm, we thank Violet and Stewart Bennett for bequeathing this beautiful property to the people of Ontario through the Ontario Heritage Trust.  In honour of their memory and generosity, a small group incorporated a 

Not-for-profit Company, "Friends of Scotsdale Farm".

Our mandate is to help protect and preserve this significant 531 acre heritage site located on the Niagara Escarpment, a designated UNESCO  World Biosphere Reserve.

Overseeing Scotsdale Farm with the support of the Ontario Heritage Trust is our  daily "mantra".

We are confident our focus will ensure Scotsdale Farm will be here for many  years so that future generations will appreciate and enjoy this spectacular property!

To help with costs and general maintenance we are always looking for support through donations from the many people who visit Scotsdale Farm throughout the year.

Whether you are just visiting for the day, planning a small function, or are a professional photographer, all donations, big or small are greatly appreciated!

More information can be found on our Fund Raising page, or you can e-mail us at: